Plancha – Vintage Tequilas and a Modern Twist on Mexican Favourites

What you need to know, what you need to eat.

At first glance, the menu at Ashland’s brand new “Plancha” – across from the Varsity Theatre on East Main Street - seems familiar: Tacos Pescado, Al Pastor and Carne Asada top the menu, while freshly made Guacamole, Salsas and House Margaritas compete for table space. On closer inspection, however, one realizes Plancha is filling a niche that Ashland’s other downtown ‘taco establishments’ do not.

Here’s what you need to know about Plancha:

  • Each taco protein comes with its own unique topping: The Carne Asada is crowned with avocado crema & cilantro; the Pollo Verde has a tomato chipotle sauce, cotija & pico topping; Pescado Frito (Anna’s fav) is tempura battered cod with chipotle crema and cabbage; while the Al Pastor (pork) is marinated with achiote, topped with pineapple salsa & cilantro

  • Breakfast is out of this world, starting with Migas (eggs, rajas, Mexican cheeses, pico & rojo), Chilaquiles (yes!), Tacos Desayuno (eggs, chorizo, Mexican cheeses, avocado, house salsa, crema), Pulled Pork with Masa Waffle, which is exactly what it sounds like (!) Bizcocho (homemade cilantro and cheddar biscuits, chorizo gravy, grilled lime) and Puerco Hash heading up the list of things you must try - and not one of them over ten bucks.

  • Plancha occasionally serves Slow Roasted Goat as a special, which is cool all by itself even if it weren’t for the yellow mole, avocado crema and radishes that come with it.

  • Elotes (Mexican street corn), Calabacitas (roasted squash with tomato, cotija & cilantro) and Arroz Amarillo garlic, jasmine rice, turmeric) are among the out-of-the-ordinary side dishes you’ll find here.

  • Camarones y Ceviche with jicama is the perfect clean-eating lunch.

  • The drop dead Burro Ahogado is as big as your head and will feed a small family ;-)

  • There are over 50 tequilas to choose from, including Don Julio 1942, Patron Platinum Cazadores Blanco, Sietes Leguas Anejo, & Azunia Anejo (which is organic). So much tequila, so little time!

  • Their pricing is reasonable, especially by Ashland’s standards.

  • Delivery! We’re not kidding! Plancha delivers!!

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