Fry Family Farms Delivers the Good(ie)s

Our first farm subscription box of the season has arrived!! We're so thrilled we can't do anything else until we've tucked into it! It's like opening the basket on "Chopped" - what goodies did we get, and what wonderful things are we going to cook with them? :-)

Here's what we got:

* Local, organic Salad Mix

* The world's biggest head of Red Leaf Lettuce

* A medium-sized bulb of Fennel

* A bunch of crispy Radishes

* A bunch of Kale (not sure of the variety)

* A bunch of Swiss Chard

* A lovely Spring Onion

* 2 boxes of intensely tart /sweet Strawberries (yes!!)

And here's what we've decided to make with them:

Beets: We're just going to straight-up pickle these ruby beauties. We're huge on salads during the summer, and pickled veg is one of our favourite ways to jazz them up.

Radishes: Our VERY favourite thing to do with radishes is to make Radish Salad: Grate them (box grater or food processor, makes no difference), mix them with a little mayonnaise, black pepper and sea salt, then make crustless, diagonally cut tea sandwiches out of white bread with a couple of tablespoons of the mixture as the filling. It's straight out of the Winnie The Pooh Cookbook and we've been making them for 40 years! It's SO old fashioned, and as the book says, it's a little reminiscent of a lobster salad. Keep the rest of the grated radish in an airtight container in the fridge to toss into salads.

A more grown-up snack is Radish Bruschetta on toasted baguette - we pair thin slices with shavings off the Fennel bulb (use a veg peeler if you don't want to drag out the mandolin), some sea salt and black pepper, a few scallion tops, 1/4 of the Spring Onion, and a drizzle of a quick Lemon / Dijon Vinaigrette. Takes like 5 minutes total.

Chard: While we understand that we'll get more nutrition out of our veggies if we eat them raw, Anna has always felt a bit like a goat trying to maw her way through kale and chard salads, and besides, braising lets you add wine ;-)

We're pleased as punch to toss our Chard with olive oil, white wine, sherry vinegar, red pepper flakes and a few chopped nuts, but feel free to bacon it up if you're a carnivore, and don't forget to use half of what's left of the Spring Onion. We'll be serving half of this next to a nice chunk of grilled salmon tonight.

The other half of the Braised Chard and Spring Onion will go into a Chard and Cheddar Frittata - a make-ahead brekkie that's a snap to reheat and will get us through at least half of our mornings this week.

Kale: While Anna is trying to be more adventurous, the fact is that the only way she has found to love kale - to date - is to cook it into a Tuscan-inspired soup with a boatload of onions, white beans, tomatoes, basil and oregano. A great way to use up the rest of that Trader Joes basil plant that's gotten all leggy, plus the tomatoes in question are in fact smoked cherry toms, a gift from a wonderful friend. Feel free to add chopped cooked sausage or even shredded cooked chicken if you'd like.

Fennel: Slicing what we didn't use for the bruschetta in half and braising it for 25 minutes in the oven with wine and broth yields a tiny, tasty amuse of a side dish. A few bread crumbs and 2 minutes under the broiler finishes it!

Fennel Tops: Don't toss 'em just yet - make a delicate Fennel Butter (seriously, just 3 ingredients, Fennel, Butter and Sea Salt), and store it in the fridge to spoon over fish or chicken. A little bit of this goes a long way - don't overdo. This also freezes beautifully.

Strawberries: We're not gonna lie - by the time we finished prepping our veggies, half of the berries had somehow fallen into Anna's mouth. Such a greedy girl! The 2nd basket, however, gets to be Strawberry Shortcake, with a crumbly, unsweetened Cowgirl Red Hawk triple-crème cheese biscuit and a simple Chantilly crème. No sugar needed for the berries themselves ... these pretty babies are perfect exactly the way they are!

... and lest we forget ... the every-week bonus bouquet of flowers!

We can barely wait to see what Fry Family Farms brings us NEXT week!!

If you're interested in the Fry Family CSA Farm Box and have not yet subscribed, we highly recommend it. Our 24 week subscription - of local, organic produce delivered right to our door - runs us just $27 per week for a 2-person share.

Click HERE to be taken to a web page where you can do just that, and to learn more about what a CSA is - ;-)

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