MÄS is so much More

For those in the know, MÄS is the latest jewel in Ashland's culinary crown, offering a one-off pop up dining experience for the very few and very fortunate. Strictly limited to between 8 and 15 diners, the menu du semaine / Lundi (once a week, only on Mondays) is never repeated.

MÄS is a special and very personal creative outlet for Josh Dorcak who, while not flaunting his chops at the highly acclaimed restaurant "Lorella Ashland", is busy winning the Ashland Culinary Festival's Chef's Showdown two years in a row. His eight course tasting menus will tease, challenge, expand and fascinate your palate in ways you didn't see coming. The food is pure poetry, and Dorcak's eloquent accounting of what brought him to open MÄS strikes a chord in ones Foodie heart.

"MÄS is more. I want people to be asking for more like you would after a great performance, an encore for example. MÄS is asking more out of me being a creative. More ideas and pushing myself to evolve and create the food that I naturally cook with out the rules of the typical restaurant we are accustomed to.

MÄS is also asking more from the guests that visit. More in the aspect of trust, trusting me to provide courses that will be memorable and tasty of course.

My trip to Tokyo really hit a restart button in me. Realizing what my two hands are meant to do and also what they can do. I need the creative outlet to really be myself and to prove to myself that it's all possible to live a life where there are no creative boundaries. This pop up is me and my style right now. Southern Oregon is such a inspiration, with in the landscapes there is such bounty that I think should be well represented. That in a nut shell is why."

Next MÄS is this Monday the 5th. Ticket sales are cut off on Sunday @ 7pm. There are 15 seats total available - still a few left at the time of publication. It's mostly vegetarian this time around, and can be 100% vegetarian if desired (a huge bonus for the Veg among us who almost never get to attend specialty tasting dinners because they're so meat-laden.) The dinner we attended last week (see photos of some of the courses below) was also plant based, and could have been made completely so had we asked.

Visit joshuadorcak.com/tickets to get your seats, and the location. Tickets run approximately $70 per seat for 8 courses; drinks available by the glass at extremely reasonable prices (we had two glasses of Cava with our meal, at just $3 per glass).

Anna Eats Ashland can be stalked at:


OR https://www.restaurantsashlandoregon.com/

... or on her Facebook page:


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