We tried a CSA Farm Subscription Box last year, and here’s what happened

Like most Oregonians, we’ve become far more interested in where our food is coming from, going out of our way over the past few years to buy only organic, in season, and local. And while the almost festival-like vibe of the Growers Market can never be replaced in our hearts, the draw of a once-weekly delivery of locally grown produce from a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) was just too alluring. We had to give it a shot.

From the first box, we were sold: each week a gorgeous new selection of salad veggies, cooking veggies, fruits and flowers turned up, forcing us to finally implement the months-old New Year’s resolution to eat a more plant-based diet. A pre-prepped salad mix was always included, along with some of the most beautiful lettuce and cabbage heads we’d ever seen. Onions, carrots, celery, and peppers – the building blocks for our mirepoix and sofritos – sat next to squashes, radishes, eggplant, fennel, broccoli, garlic, potatoes, spinach, cucumbers, pole beans, heirloom tomatoes, beets, fresh herbs, melons and berries, chard and kale, with the occasional ‘what-on-earth-is-that’ item for us to play with and work into our menus.

And let us not forget the bonus bouquet of flowers that lasted the full week until their replacements arrived. SWEET!

We indulged in composed salads, delicious sauté’s, ever-changing stir fries, veggie soups and purees, and got to broaden our culinary chops along the way. We made micro-batches of berry jam, pickled cukes and green beans, and filled the freezer with grated zucchini and chunks of pumpkin for our winter breads as well as enough of 3 kinds of veggie soup to get us through late fall.

In short, it turned out far better than we’d even thought. We will SO be repeating the experiment this season.

While there are a few different CSA programs in the valley, we chose Fry Family Farm for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the value – just $27 per ‘Partial Share’ box, delivered, for 24 consecutive weeks (feeds 2-3); $36 per box delivered for a ‘Full Share’ (feeds 3-4), and $27 / box for a ‘Half Share’ (one box for 2-3 delivered every other week). Of course, if you are so inclined, you can save yourself about $3 a week by picking your box up yourself. We definitely prefer the delivery, not only for the convenience but because it feels like a new ‘gift’ arrives to surprise us every single week (and you know how much Anna loves prezzies!).

To deepen the value of the subscription, Fry Family also extends to their CSA members a 10% discount at all five Fry Family Farm market booths – you know, in case you don’t already have enough veg (or need and extra onion or two). There’s also a newsletter online with recipes :-)

We’re thrilled to have a ‘partner’ in our quest to eat healthier, and we think you might too.

Interested? Follow the link below to check out the deets:

Mention the Anna Eats Ashland blog and you’ll get a little somethin’-somethin’ extra in your first box – 'cause we know you love prezzies, too … :-)

Got questions?

FFF Phone: 541.622.8154



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